Diversity at C1HG is about family.

Meet your new extended family, working as one with no discrimination, and helping each other grow. We embrace diversity by actions because we believe it leads our company towards innovation, and our hiring decisions are solely dependent on talents and personal character.

Culture does not make people. People make culture.

We empower women, appreciate their contributions to our company, and can’t imagine C1HG without its female team of developers and professional workers in various departments; they form over 55% of our task force. We measure performance by work and commitment, not by race, gender, or color.

We foster inclusion by actions

Our team descends from different nations worldwide, and this is how we foster inclusion in our company. We need your skills and a positive attitude so we can fulfill our mission of changing the world for the better. Are you ready?

Join Our Team!
We are hands-on operators, communicators, and innovative thinkers. Whether you want to rebrand your hotel, create a fresh culinary concept at your resort, grow revenue, or develop a new independent property, we offer cutting-edge services and a deeply focused leadership team that rolls up their sleeves.